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The telecommunications market in Singapore is highly competitive and mature, thanks to the presence of a standalone (SA) 5G network and widespread wireless broadband. To enhance the customer experience and explore new revenue opportunities, M1 Limited (M1), the first digital network operator in Singapore, has chosen CSG's scalable cloud-native platform.

This transformation will strengthen M1's enterprise business and improve the customer experience. M1 will utilize CSG Ascendon, which is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), to revolutionize B2B practices by offering cloud-powered customer experiences that are as easy and personalized as consumer experiences.

Driving Growth through Software and Partnerships

Regular software updates will enable M1 to keep up with the fast pace of change, while streamlined offer management will facilitate the rapid launch of new services. These enhancements will allow M1 to manage a growing network of B2B2X relationships and drive growth through partnerships, such as the National Heritage Board, by capitalizing on the demand for immersive experiences in arts, entertainment, and recreation.

This will establish a foundation for scalable growth and transform Singapore's telecommunications landscape. CSG Ascendon empowers leading global brands to monetize, manage, and market services to customers faster than their competitors. It enables them to launch, learn from, and expand offerings to remain relevant, build brand loyalty, and maintain a strong customer base across B2C, B2B, and B2B2X environments.

Chief Digital Officer at M1, Jan Morgenthal, stated that M1 is currently undergoing vital digital transformation to ensure readiness for the future. CSG's innovative SaaS platform will provide M1 with cloud capabilities to accelerate innovation and enhance agility in addressing evolving market demands. Additionally, CSG's understanding of customer needs and expertise in enterprise monetization will enable M1 to differentiate its business and improve the enterprise customer experience.

Meanwhile, Ian Watterson, SVP and Head of APAC at CSG, emphasized that enterprises expect the same level of ease and personalization as consumers, and this expectation applies to all industries. By combining CSG's SaaS platform with M1's visionary approach, they can redefine best practices for enterprise experiences in the Singaporean telecommunications market and exceed consumer expectations.

CSG is honored to be M1's exclusive provider for enterprise billing and contribute to the futureproofing of their growth engine through this collaboration, which has spanned over 15 years. This enduring partnership underscores CSG's dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions that evolve with M1's business needs, reflecting a commitment to sustained innovation and mutual success.

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