Huawei has been working with governments across the globe to help them build a national digital foundation based on "one cloud" and "one network"; to promote the construction of national digital infrastructure; to further open key opportunities in various markets such as government, healthcare, education and emergency response; and to accelerate the digital upgrade of the public sector.

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Data is being created exponentially as more individuals and enterprises are becoming data-driven in this digital era. Amid the explosive data growth in this intelligent world, there’s an even bigger need for powerful data storage capabilities.

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Axis Communications has launched its first Axis Experience Center (AEC) in Singapore. Representing the first AEC in Southeast Asia, the state-of-the-art facility is designed to showcase cutting-edge security innovations and solutions. The launch reaffirms Axis' commitment to elevating security standards not only in Singapore but also the broader region, for a smarter and safer world.

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The Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) has partnered with Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), one of the leading scientific research institutions in telecommunications, to advance Singapore’s future comms and connectivity capabilities and talent.

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Huawei has started to commercially deploy its third-generation 5G Massive MIMO outside China, with the Philippines being the first major recipient. The major product in the third-generation 5G RAN series, MetaAAU, achieves best performance and lowest power consumption by applying a wide range of leading wireless technologies and represents a key path for evolution to a 5.5G network. Next-generation innovative technologies, such as ultra-wideband, multi-antenna and extremely large antenna arrays, significantly improve spectral and energy efficiency and can help operators build future-oriented, simplified, green, high-performance 5G networks.

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From building a green and intelligent campus in Thailand to helping deliver an optical backbone network solution in Singapore’s transportation industry, Huawei’s solutions based on F5G have started reshaping industry productivity.  

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From banking to healthcare, the international community is now geared towards the development of the digital economy and promoting digital infrastructure construction in this digital era.

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