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Globe Telecom, one of the leading telcos in the Philippines, has achieved a ground-breaking milestone by being the first telco to implement Voice over New Radio (VoNR). This accomplishment demonstrates Globe's dedication to innovation and represents a substantial improvement in voice communication technologies. VoNR was successfully demonstrated during the most recent INNOVANIA-themed Technology and Innovations Day.

During the event, Globe's Network Strategy and Service Planning team, in partnership with vendor partners, revealed a variety of cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions that promise significant benefits to both the firm and its consumers. VoNR stood out as a transformational technology among the developing solutions exhibited.

The ground-breaking VoNR call was made possible by a collaboration between Globe's technical specialists, solution architects and trusted technology partner HPE Singapore, who used their 5G in a Box solution. The call was started using an HPE-provided VoNR-capable mobile device.

VoNR is a ground-breaking voice solution built on a 5G independent network that provides better sound quality, quick call setup and seamless handovers. This technique improves voice communication by delivering crystal-clear audio with minimal distortion, maximizing bandwidth use and allowing for smooth simultaneous voice and data transmission.

The key advantage of VoNR is its lower latency, which results in quicker call setup times and speedier call connections. This allows for more concurrent voice conversations within a given network, which improves overall network performance.

"Globe's successful deployment of VoNR technology is a testament to our commitment to innovation and to providing our customers with the best telecom experience possible," said Gerhard Tan, director and head of technology strategy and innovation at Globe.

Mr. Tan added, "VoNR is not just about improved voice quality and faster connections — it's about the future of integrated communication. By harnessing the power of 5G, we're opening up a world of possibilities for both our enterprise and individual customers and redefining what's possible with voice services.”

As 5G networks spread globally, the incorporation of VoNR guarantees that voice services keep up with the latest network capabilities. This offers new business options and the development of services to meet changing client needs.

Globe's deployment of VoNR is only the beginning of their technological advancements. The company remains committed to pushing technological boundaries and changing communications in the Philippines.

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